Detail-oriented Creative professional with many years of experience as a creative leader.
Skilled at operating in a wide range of flatfoms. Excellent written and oral communication skills; capable of explaining complex issues in easy-to-understand terms. Great time management and maxim: “Don’t say things we can’t do and don’t do things that we haven’t thought of yet!”


since 2018

Project Manager


– Development orientation for the project and team.
– Manage all aspects of product development from idea to launch design, quality and budgetary constraints.
– Planning and optimizing for campaigns of project.
– Communicate with vendors / agency to have the optimal plan for the final product (From KOLs to idea…)
– Create Specialized workshops , improve skills for colleagues and employees.
– Manage visual systems, creative campaigns for the company.
– Coordinate design teams, to find innovative and optimal design options.
– Review and advisor about UX/UI of product, advice on user flow, personas, CMJ …
– Has “customer centric mindset” / “partner centric mindset” lead the team to maintain a stable or growing easy to access customer pool for user research and design validation purpose.
– Lead internal design thinking and visioning workshops to help the team translate customer insights into product direction.
– Discuss with related teams (CS, Sale guest/partner, tech … ), to develop synchronously with the campaigns of project.

2017 – now


Creative.

– Professional brand consulting and development unit.
– Advising strategic images for partner programs according to each specific, annual, monthly, and quarterly campaign.
– Creative Design: Graphics / UX, UI / Animations Video / All Design segment / Ideas …
– Combining, planning and advice on marketing and communication campaigns
– Receive online Marketing projects, Optimize brands and increase high conversion rates.
– Training about the visual arts and values of the image for student, marketer, contenter … (Creative class and software skills)
OEA Vietnam | Funix | Fpt shopware | Homestay TV | Take it Easy | Trà Shantuyet Độ Khoa | Tuấn Băng Trà
Capital & pik bridge & poker club | Phi Dung Computer | Hinh Anh Viet | Viet Hung Mobile | Đông Á Group
Sở văn hóa Yên Bái, Hà Giang | U Sapa Hotel | Miriam Coffee | New Viet Coffee | Hai Yen restaurant
Truc xuan Bamboo | Alphaknx | Hợp Phú Land | IDJ | Khazaana Đường Thành | Khai Minh Ltd | Xcoffee
Mobiphone | TH Thanh Xuân Nam | TH Đặng Trần Côn B | Tứ gia | Chivas Vietnam | Talent Vietnam
Mật ong Trường Hà | HV Chính sách và Phát triển | Vietha Logitics | Innhanhdongloi | Supor Vietnam…v.v
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2016 – 2018

Deputy Design Department


– Responsible for developing and implementing a variety of creative concepts and ideas about furniture, real estate, fashion .
– Contribute in big idea development and develop visual appearance of campaigns. Optimize the image system of campaign, APEC. Work with agent, ensure product progress.
– Conceive of high-end conceptual, design, and brand marketing solutions for campaigns. Create event journeys through story telling equal images, creative.
– Develop and design concepts for Corporate Events, Live Events and Exhibitions according to the clients brief and following their brand guidelines and communication strategy.
– Work closely with both project and account servicing teams to drive the creative aspects of new business pitches from conception through to final.
– Drive and lead multiple projects from conception to completion in accordance to deadlines.
– Generate innovative and breakthrough ideas for clients to ensure ideas in line with their wishes and explain what is and is not possible.


2009 – 2012

Computer Science


Studied Phd. in VNU on Physics Computer Science.

2012 – 2015

Creative Skill (Marketing / design)

Arena Multimedia











UX / UI design

I design super cool websites / app. It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content.

Marcom Service

I created great solutions for the development of campaigns.

Creative Graphics

I create effective campaigns, ingrained in the subconscious mind of customer.


Trai Dam Me Key Visual

Trai Dam Me Key Visual

Old Guy Superman

Old Guy Superman

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Paper by FiftyThree

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Lightbox Image

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Volume 2

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Cross Browser

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